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Map of Ottawa River West: Ontario Route - Please select a Site
Nepean Point Park Parliament Hill Crowne Plaza Hotel Lemieux Island Coats Building Remic Rapids Bate Island Kitchissippi Lookout Deschênes Rapids Lookout Britannia Conservation Area Deschênes Rapids - Ontario Britannia Pier Ottawa Beach Andrew Haydon Park Stillwater - Dick Bell Park Moodie Drive Marsh & Trails Grandview Road Carling Avenue Trail Watts Creek Trails Rifle (Range) Road Shirleys Bay Cottage Area Shirleys Bay Dyke Herzberg Road March Valley (Fourth Line) - Klondike Riddell Road Innes Point Riverfront Park Berry Side Road Pinhey Point Dunrobin Shore - Baskin's Beach Greenland Constance Creek at Vance's Side Rd Constance Bay MacLaren's Landing Fitzroy Provincial Park Chats Dam Morris Island
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Nepean Point Park - 1
Parliament Hill - 2
Crowne Plaza Hotel - 3
Lemieux Island - 4
Coats Building - 5
Remic Rapids - 6
Bate Island - 7
Kitchissippi Lookout - 8
Deschênes Rapids Lookout - 9
Britannia Conservation Area - 10
Deschênes Rapids - Ontario - 11
Britannia Pier - 12
Ottawa Beach - 13
Andrew Haydon Park - 14
Stillwater - Dick Bell Park - 15
Moodie Drive Marsh & Trails - 16
Grandview Road - 17
Carling Avenue Trail - 18
Watts Creek Trails - 19

Rifle (Range) Road - 20
Shirleys Bay Cottage Area - 21
Shirleys Bay Dyke - 22
Herzberg Road - 23
March Valley (Fourth Line) - Klondike - 24
Riddell Road - 25
Innes Point - 26
Riverfront Park - 27
Berry Side Road - 28
Pinhey Point - 29
Dunrobin Shore - Baskin's Beach - 30
Greenland - 31
Constance Creek at Vance's Side Rd - 32
Constance Bay - 33
MacLaren's Landing - 34
Fitzroy Provincial Park - 35
Chats Dam - 36
Morris Island - 37

        This tour, a linear rather than a loop, can be combined with visits to other southwest areas or, when the Woodridge - Quyon ferry is running, with the Ottawa River West - Quebec linear tour. An entire day could be profitably spent in many of the sites in this section. During migrations, sites like Britannia Conservation Area and Shirleys Bay Dyke could be birded daily with reasonable hope of something different each time; and in early summer, Deschênes Rapids is to be watched carefully.
        This tour begins near downtown Ottawa, a good place to drop off your non-birding family members for the day.
        ** Note: Every Sunday from Victoria Day weekend in May to Labour Day weekend at the beginning of September, the Ottawa River Parkway westbound lanes are closed to motor vehicles between 9 AM and 1 PM. Only bicyclists, in-line skaters, wheelchairs and hikers are allowed. This affects sites 2 through 8, making them easier for cyclists and more difficult by car.
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