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         This section of Birding Ottawa is devoted to LISTERS. They are birders who keep track of the number of species they've seen in a given area in a given time period. Though sometimes maligned as indulging in a trivial pursuit, they are often counted among the best naturalists. Such is the case in Ottawa, where many of our listers are excellent naturalists who have also made valuable contributions to the knowledge of our local avifauna. This exhilarating pastime is a natural offshoot of observing birds. Sometimes it can be competitive, but always, it's fun!
         For those unfamiliar with the technicalities of this hobby, we will follow the American Birding Association's (ABA) rules regarding listing, as they apply to the areas covered. Basically, the bird (not the birder) must be within the area and time covered by the list, birds must be seen and identified by the lister himself (not accepted at someone else's word), and it must be alive, wild and unrestrained (corpses, exotics, escapees and non-established recent introductions do not count). Use the Ottawa and Outaouais checklists as a guide for what is likely and countable locally. The Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club (OFNC) checklist committee has the final decision on the validity of species seen in the Ottawa/Gatineau 50-km Checklist Circle, while Le club des ornithologues de l'Outaouais (COO) deals with the Outaouais list.
         Each of the lists whose titles are displayed below, will, on its own page, have a clear definition geographically and temporally. The first lists to be activated will be the Ottawa/Gatineau 50-km Checklist Circle used by the OFNC as its study area since 1895 (with minor changes) and the Outaouais area used by the COO as its major focus. Other lists will be added over time; i.e. best year, life & best winter, best day, park, yard, month, etc. Whatever I receive a number of entries for can be displayed. Your interest is the key. Your contributions of list totals and suggestions are welcome.
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"Listing is a perfectly valid sport or recreation, and the best listers usually make good naturalists and conservationists." - John Olsen

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