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         The ABA or American Birding Association was the first club for listers and still the best. It was started in the late 1960's, and has published a listing supplement every year since. It has evolved into a full sized magazine on its own now. They also publish the magazine Birding (5 issues year) and the newsletter Winging It (monthly). Canadian membership is US$55 in 2005. You can join on-line at
         Another venue is the Canadian Listers' Corner. It was started in 1981 by Gerry Bennett, then run by Eric Tull from 1990 to 1995, followed by Burke Korol from 1996 to 2004. It will now be operated by Larry Neily right here at Neilyworld. It costs $6 a year and puts out one magazine sized issue a year, with Canadian lists. The deadline is January 31 for submission to both Listers' Corner and the ABA. Canadian Listers' Corner covers provincial lists, Canada lists, locality lists, winter lists, etc. For list forms or other inquires, send an e-mail to Larry Neily at or visit the NeilyWorld Canadian Listers' Corner webpage.
         Another place is a British website This is a great site, of which a small portion is an interesting listing section. Search the home page for the lister's section. They have places to enter various lists, more added regularly. And it's free. The login and edit procedures are a bit of a pain, though you can update anytime.
         The lastest online listing website is BUBO Listing. Another great site, devoted to serious listers. They require you to enter the birds on your various lists; so it is not as easy as Surfbirds, but potentially much better. And it's free too.
         Many birders have begun to worry that there own listing activities may be contributing to the degradation of the environment. These folk have developed Greenbirding, as exemplified by the BIGBY.
         And don't forget that you can update your Ottawa based lists anytime in NeilyWorld's Birding Ottawa Lister's Pages simply by sending me an e-mail with those new figures. This too is a free service.
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