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Larry Neily - Ottawa, ON - Apr. 19, 2007 - photo by Antoinette (Richmond) Neily
Larry Neily (CV) - Ottawa, ON - Apr. 19, 2007
Photo by Antoinette (Richmond) Neily

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Welcome to the home page of Larry E. Neily. Visit the many pages regarding my various interests. Here you will find a personal bird photo gallery with over 600 species that I have taken in the ABA area over the years. My wife Antoinette also has a personal bird photo gallery with over 300 species. Then there is the Canadian Listers' Corner site, an annual review of Canadian birders and their list totals, including many back issues. There are three birding guide sections: an extensive, but dated, Birding Ottawa Guide with over 400 local birding sites; an in-progress Pinal County, Arizona section; and an Annapolis County, Nova Scotia birding site guide. There is a woefully out-of-date section showing over 4,000 worldwide birding links, many still good, and many others easily findable but copying the site name and plugging it in Google. There are also butterfly and dragonfly pages, and a Geomatics (mapping, remote sensing, GIS) section that has hundreds more links. The Neily genealogical section is my brother's contribution to NeilyWorld. Haiku writing is another hobby. And if you are interested in poetry, please visit my late wife Marianne's website.        Enjoy!

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